Whoa-ho, it’s Magic!

I’ll confess that I have a guilty pleasure.  Just one, you ask?  Okay, so there are lots of them.  But the one that I talk about the least is my occasional playing of Magic: the Gathering, which isn’t really a problem since I don’t have any actual physical cards (anymore).  Actually, that’s not true.  I have one, but it’s complete happenstance that I have it, because I found a black zombie card when I was in Rome last week.  It’s seen better days, but hey– free Magic card!

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, this post isn’t about my inherent geekitude.  It’s about the fact that Wizards of the Coast, who wasted many hours of my time earlier this year with M:tG Planeswalkers 2012 have recently released the 2013 version, complete with new badges to unlock.  Those bastards.  The badges, coupled with my glee at making men cry when I play against them (seriously, it’s better than poker for crushing the chauvinist spirit) and a decent Steam sale, meant that I could play another bout of games for just 5 bucks… so here we are, talking about all the new badges that I’ve managed to unlock.

I’m not sure how, but when I started M:tG, I had a deck completely unlocked already (maybe this had something to do with playing before, but I’m not sure).  All I know is that not everyone gets this– otherwise 100% of players on Steam would have it– but that I did.  So that means that I got this bad boy:


So… that’s nice, I guess.  I figured that since I was getting badges for doing absolutely nothing, I might as well go for the ever-so-difficult-you-have-to-be-pretty-special-not-to-have-this-one “Enter the Deck Manager” badge.  To get it, I… well, I clicked on the button that said “Deck Manager”.  I know, right?  Anyway, the shiny badge for that looks like this:


Yeah.  Two badges in the first minute of logging into the game.  So… that was special.


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