Steam doesn’t have the only badges in town…


Periodically, I get distracted from the bigger games, and I want to kill 5-10 minutes playing something that I don’t have to get too invested in.  Often, this is because I know that once I start a new game, it’s going to be an epic time sink, and so I avoid it and stick to wracking up new badges on Kongregate, instead.

Today’s guilty pleasure came in the form of a new Flipline Studios game– those dastardly makers of the Pappa’s series of games.  Seriously, this guy has everything– a wing place, a taco stand, a burger shop, and, of course, a pizzeria. (they also have a blacksmithy, but I’ll get to that in a future post, once I’ve gotten the last of the badges for it).  I have assorted badges among all the games, some of which are stupid endurance badges for people with way more patience than any sane person has… but I digress.

Kongregate just added two badges for the newest game, Pappa’s Hot Doggeria (no, that’s not a real thing), which takes place in a ball park and has baseball-related mini-games between each level– er, day.  Like several of the other Pappa’s games, you can win decorations for your restaurant by playing the mini-games (you can also buy them from the shop, but really… why?), but unlike the others, you can now match decoration themes to get theme bonuses.  Your decorations also have “points” and “freshness,” both of which seem a little silly for a casual little flash game.

The two badges available for this game are both easy and straight-forward to get.  For the first, just serve 10 hot dogs.  This should happen on either the second or third day (I think it’s the third).  For the second, get to level 9.  Just keep playing until you get there– it’s somewhere in the ballpark of day 13, I believe.  For your trouble, you’ll get 15 Kongregate points, which are good for a whole lot o’ nothin’, and the knowledge that you’ve now mastered something that… well, that pretty much anyone could do.  But at least you had fun, right?



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