Wtf just happened?

In fairness, my lack of updates the last several days has come from the fact that I simply haven’t gotten any badges (nevermind that I still have about 20 skyrim badges to blog about– I’ll get there later).  I’ve been playing Dungeons of Dredmor, trying to get more badges, but because of my determination to play with a random skills build, I’ve basically just died.  A lot.  Yeah, okay, that’s normal for a rogue-like, but it’s still getting a little old.

Anyway, I finally played a game that lasted for a while.  To level 15 (16 is still my max, I believe).  This time, I was playing with Smithing, Tinkering, Rogue Scientist, and Clockwork Knight, which made for one of those obnoxious combinations that uses up all of my inventory slots.  That’s why I never play with these builds.  Anyhow.

So I managed to get the Rogue Scientist tree maxed.  I have to say, I actually really like that tree– there’s plenty of really nice attacks, and only one uses any mana– the rest are on a cool-down, which isn’t really so bad.  All the single-opponent attacks have knock-back, which is also *really* nice when you’re facing bosses.  Here’s my shiny new achievement:




Now it’s time to start over… again.  *sigh*


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