Two more badges for the price of one!

As I finished up a game against the second opponent in M:tG Planeswalkers 2013 (seriously, guys, get a shorter title), and I pulled up the Steam screen to see the badges that I’d just gotten, it occured to me that it would be really, really easy to nab a couple more… if only I played one more game.

This, of course, was shortly after I opened the game to play “one game” at 1am, with the intent of going to bed an hour later, but it was probably right around 1:59 that I realized that if I played just one more game, I could nab another two badges… the one for winning a game with 10 creatures on the board, and the one for making the opponent run out of cards (which is really an endurance badge, in this case, more than anything else).

My opponent was the second of the game– an annoyingly simple owl deck that could take down the starter green deck that I had if it didn’t come out fast enough but simply didn’t have a chance against a red deck.  Behold the rock-em-sock-em action of red on owl-white:











Basically, all this guy has is a ridiculous number of 1/1 owls, which burn up pretty quickly with a couple distributed fire spells and the card that you can tap and do 1 damage to a player or creature.  He also won’t attack if you’ve got a way to defend against him, and since I got my opponent down to 1 life in the first few rounds and then just sat there, bringing out more creatures and b-b-q-ing his creatures whenever I had the chance, it was just a matter of time.

End result?  I got my badges (after waiting what seemed like an eternity for the super-slow gameplay of M:tG to allow me to the point where this guy finally ran out of cards).  Seriously, there needs to be a way to speed up the action in this game, because we don’t all need seven years to choose what we want to do or every bit of an opponent’s action to be carefully spelled out.  At any rate, here they are.  The badge for having more than 10 creatures out (which you can see in the picture above), and the one for getting this guy to finally be unable to draw a card:






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