So then this happened…

You might have noticed that it’s been a few days since my last post.  That’s because I’ve started playing Torchlight II, which my friend A gave me a couple weeks ago, upon noting that he didn’t have enough other people to play with and that the game was on sale and on my wishlist.  I’ve yet to play a multiplayer game (I’m still getting the hang of my engineer– my mother would be so proud!), but I’ve racked up a few badges, and I’ll slowly get around to talking about them all.

Most recently, this happened.  I’ve moved from the first main city in the game to the second.  Much like in Diablo 2, I now find myself in the desert, although the maps are more complex in Torchlight II than they ever were in Diablo, which pretty much drew boxes for each area and then filled them in with stuff.  While wandering around randomly (questlines– who needs ’em!), I found a dungeon and went in, and there was a manticore, who didn’t really look like what I would call a manticore.  I don’t mean to be nit-picky, but when I hear “Manticore,” I think of something like this traditional version:



Or the widely-popularized 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons Monstrous Manual version:



But Torchlight II’s version is much more like this, which is very pretty and all, but kind of strays a little from what I was expecting.  I mean, what’s with those horns?  What’s with the walking upright on two feet?

manticore TL2

Really, this isn’t what I meant for this entry to be about at all, but there you have it.  The point was that I accidentally found this guy, who wasn’t too much of a challenge, even though the levels on the instance are 22-26, and I was 21 (but I’ve been hitting all of them at a level or 2 under the suggested minimum without any problems).  The kicker is that halfway through the battle– I think when you reduce him to half health– he summons his mate.  Maybe she just shows up, having heard him screeching in pain, only to find him being wailed on by some geek surrounded in a couple blue bubbles.  At any rate, I kept wailing on him, and then turned my attention to his mate, and got these for my efforts:



Also, keep in mind that the Manticore won’t trigger until you’ve walked near the big totem thing in the middle of the map… and that once you’ve knocked them out a la LL Cool J, there’ll be gold absolutely all over the map, and hey, free gold!  You may as well go pick it all up… and check out the ginormous chest while you’re at it.  You should get a couple uniques from the Manticore himself, one of which is his eye, which, when added to a weapon, will give a 20% bonus to critical hits, which is useful if you’re going after that “get a bazillion critical hits” badge.


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