Do you believe in Magic?

Oops.  I was supposed to post this before the other M:tG post ever made it out into space, but then life happened and other posts got written instead, and oops, now things are out of order.  If you’re reading these in order, I guess you’ll just have to deal with a lack of continuity, and if not, then I guess you can pretend that this never happened.

After nabbing my first two M:tG Planeswalkers 2013 badges for doing absolutely nothing, I decided that I would actually play a game or two, which brings us to this post.  The first opponent in the game will, upon victory, give you a blue deck (your first) and this achievement:



After you’ve beaten him and gotten a shiny new blue deck (which is not nearly as useful against the next opponent as the starter red deck, but probably better than the starter green), you’ll move on to the idiot with the owl deck.  Can I reiterate that all this moron has in his deck are 1/1 owls?  If you have a deck that doesn’t completely and totally suck (which you do by this point in the game), then your first “encounter” will be a piece of cake.  Don’t ask me why they’re called different things– opponents and encounters– because I have no idea.  Maybe they’re trying to make the campaign seem more campaign-y?  Like you’re doing something other than beating a variety of opponents at card games?

Anyhow, I killed the owl deck with such vehemence that I ended up with two badges afterwards (you don’t get the deck for winning encounters, but trust me– you don’t want this one).  The first badge was for simply winning the encounter, and the other was for being so annoyed about the stupid little owls that I made sure that none of them were around to annoy me at the end of the game.  Ta da!



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