oh, for the love of pete…

I apologize for another lapse in my blogging, but I have encountered two specific challenges.

First, I’ve started playing FTL: Faster Than Light, a rogue-like that takes place upon a spaceship that you have to get through a mix of alien-occupied lands while a starfleet of bad guys is following you, trying to destroy you. They don’t have any achievements on Steam, but they do have some in-game, so soon I’ll post what I’ve managed to achieve there.

Secondly, and more horrifyingly, I’ve encountered a problem with Skyrim. I went to intercept the Stormcloak courier, only to find that he was killed and eaten by bears, leaving nothing of his corpse and, of course, no message to steal from him. This bug means that I have to go back and replay a ridiculous amount of time (probably about 4 days worth of playing), including some of the more boring things, like College of Winterhold and the like. I contemplated saying “Screw it” and not playing Skyrim at all anymore, but… well, okay. Just this once.

You get one more chance not to be buggy to the point of disbelief, Skyrim. One more chance!


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